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For observation at Night, The IR camera or Light Intensifier Tube (I2T) Camera has been used. But IR camera isprice and low resolution, and I2T Camera is easy to get damaged by bright light. So the Laser or LED illuminator which can be used with CCD camera system draws notice to low price, small size andlong life time. CCD camera system with IR Illuminator can observe cover the distance over 1km and has a high quality image at night.

The CCD camera system with normal Laser Illuminator has bilateral characteristics of its power and beam size. The power and the beam size are considered with observation distance and F.O.V. of CCD camera. That is, the observation distance is middle or short range, the size and the brightness density of illuminator must be larger and lower. The other cases of long range observation , smaller and higher.

To control the beam size and power level of Laser or LED has a function of beam size control and brightness control. So IR Illuminatoor can be used for any other CCD camera system adaptably.


(NIGHT VISION Usage with Wave Length)

(Usage IR ILLUMINATOR by Distance)
IR LED Illuminator(LED)
Laser Illuminator(LED)
near / middle
middle / far
Model Name
IP-30 (150m -30degree)
IP-15 (300m -15degree)
KM-1000 (1km - 1W level)
KM-1500 (over 1km -1.5W level)