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Lanics Laser Products are guaranteed for a period of 1 year from the date of shipment.
Lanics can exchange or free-repair the products having material & manufacturing defects in 1 year.
For Warranty, All Products must have the serial Label.
If you have any questions, contact us.
TEL (warranty & repair) : 82-2-2108-2255
In spite of the term of guarantee, if your problems come under items in below. Your products can’t be returned to us.
  - In case of user’s mistakes & inattention in the use of products
- In case of taking the assembly apart
- In case of product troubles by a volcanic eruption, an earthquake, a flood
When you send us the product for quick & accurate warranty, you must enclose records of your name, address, TEL and malfunction symptoms
Beneficiary: Lanics Co., Ltd. (ROOM #703, 7F WOOLIM E-BIZ CENTER 1ST) 28, DIGITAL-RO 33-GIL, GURO-GU, SEOUL, 152-769, KOREA
Price Terms: FOD Korea
Advising Bank : Industrial Bank of Korea Daelim Dong Branch
Account NO.: 149-031090-56-00015
Bank Code.: IBKOKRSE
Account Name: Lanics Co., Ltd.